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Note: I examined almost 100 apps to write this article, which focuses on the most accurate and best apps available. I did a short review of the latest versions of the Delphic Oracle, Timaeus, and the Terran atlas here for The Mountain Astrologer.These programs, by Curt Manwaring, represent the pinnacle of Traditional Astrology software, and the fact that he has cut the pricing by half make them a truly excellent software addition for any astrologer interested in Hellenistic or Medieval astrology.

But unfortunately, the North Node also is a very destabilizing influence, and things begun during the Rahu Dasa often have an illusory type of fulfillment.

And particularly for his chart (again born at a Lunar Eclipse), the Rahu Dasa indicated that his presidency would be a very rocky ride. And it can be a positive period for people with well-placed North Nodes, e.g.

(Note: Rahu Dasa, according to Dennis Harness, is "Mr. a time of great adventure, change, and achievement.) By the way, one who is not familiar with Vedic astrology might ask, "but if it's only 8 days before he leaves this influence, shouldn't its effects be transitory?

Janus 5 offers the best Solar Eclipse Maps and Theme Maps in existence, the most powerful Astrological Calendar, very enhanced Traditional Astrology functions, an even easier-to-use improved interface, and even a Vedic module!

I am offering it at an excellent introductory price here, and you can read an introductory review of it here (and a two part complete review in the next two issues of The Mountain Astrologer) Janus 5 is the only astrology program that offers full Natal, Transit, Compatibility, and Relocation reports built in (all licensed for resale too). I just revised an old article I'd written in order to make it more current and more instructive.

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