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Infinity isn’t a huge number, it is all the numbers.It is numbers we haven’t even thought to consider, numbers so large that they would take the entire length of time to count up.

The Universe has effects and consequences- as to say, we know it exists because of the secondary aspects of it– but, in an entire sense, we cannot be exactly sure what the Universe is, if only because it isn’t something we can hold in even the biggest hand.

Most likely, it would be an equation that could never even be replicated (I mean, it’s byproducts are the tangible outcomes of existence, right? So we’ve got this equation that, as a whole, is essentially just a painting on the wall.

We can’t do anything with it, but it sure is cool, right? What if we took a piece of it out- something that was so relatively minuscule and tiny that we actually could syphon off enough power from the known Universe to emulate its results. Because we’d mapped this ultimate equation and because we Frankensteined it to life, we created something that already existed and, given the stimulus around it, would always act in the same way.

Not that we ever would, given that the Universe is dozens and dozens of billions of light years wide, but still, it’s the idea that hurts.

Lets say that the Universe is finite- meaning there is a quantifiable amount of matter in it and not that there are boundaries.

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It allows for a little bit of ambiguity, but I like that.

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