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During the church’s first 1,000 years, saints were proclaimed by popular demand.

As a result, it’s impossible to quantify exactly how many saints there are, but some estimates have the number exceeding 10,000. Ulrich of Augsburg was the first saint to be formally canonized, by Pope John XV.

Attorney Gualberto Garcia Jones, who represents the Holy See Mission in its role of observer nation to the Organization of American States (OAS), writes at Life Site News the Senate will gain its most consistent advocate for life and family issues if Moore is elected on December 12 to Alabama’s Senate seat vacated by now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“Most importantly, he will have gotten to the US Senate without any help,” Garcia Jones adds, “not from the left or right wing media, not from President Trump or the Never Trumpers, and certainly not from the Republican Party establishment.” Garcia Jones continues Moore is a symbol of the “backwater citizens” former President Barack Obama called out as those who “cling to their guns or religion.” “To the cosmopolitan and suburbanite right, whose luminaries are mostly based in New York City and Washington D.

Early in the 1st century CE, a well-known Jewish philosopher -- Philo of Alexandria -- (20 BCE - circa 47 CE) wrote on infanticide and abortion, condemning non-Jews of other cultures and religions for the widespread, unjustified practices.

" belief of Aristotle (384-322 BCE) was widely accepted in Pagan Greece and Rome.

An exception occurred if the continuation of a pregnancy posed a risk to the life of the pregnant woman or to her other children.

In such cases, the pregnant woman is actually obligated to abort the fetus; the fetus is then considered "radef" -- a pursuer.

He taught that a fetus originally has a vegetable soul.

This evolves into an animal soul later in gestation. This latter event, called "ensoulment," was believed to occur at 40 days after conception for male fetuses, and 90 days after conception for female fetuses.

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Garcia Jones provides a history of Moore’s public service, noting the judge’s credentials help to “dismiss the popular narrative espoused by the likes of National Review’s Jonah Goldberg that Roy Moore is ‘nothing more than a bigoted, theocratic, and ignorant buffoon’ or as the main stream media sees him, a bigoted populist product of the era of Trump.” “Nothing could be further from the truth,” he continues.

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