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Then, my wife tossed me out of the house because I was screwing around with so many people at places outside of work.

I wound up living with a woman that I couldn’t stand, but that would do anything I wanted sexually, no matter how deviant my demands were—I was cheating on her, too. Call it sexual compulsion if it makes you feel better.

When I got done relating what my wreck of a life was all about, he looked at me and said, “Well the thing is, most guys would want to do what you do. ” My misery was this guy's fantasy—it wasn’t the first time. If you’re getting a lot of it, you don’t have a problem, right? By acting out with sex, you are dosing your brain with dopamine and other chemicals that excite, distract, and otherwise cover up the underlying distress or emptiness that is making you suffer.

I mean seriously, you’re getting laid all the time and complaining about it? Below is a list of 10 signs that could mean you are a sex addict.

Everything from school, to work, to money, is secondary to feeding your addiction.

I don’t mean this in a “Wow, look at that chick's ass! I mean, you can’t concentrate on anything for more than 10 minutes without going back into your place of fantasy.

If you have none of the things on the list, good job. If you have between one and three of these, check yourself and figure out what is going on, if you have more than three, you need to find someone to talk to, and you should probably do it soon. Maybe you just cheat all the time, and lie about where you are, and how you spend your money. But, if you have sexual secrets that you refuse to share with anyone, or if somehow you figure out ways to spend Christmas with two different women (done it) then something is way, way off.

I would sometimes even masturbate right after sex—with my partner passed out next to me. You keep on going until it’s all gone, until you are lying in a corner in the fetal position, until you feel like dying. If you don’t have someone you trust, talk to a professional.

It’s just a sign that there are some issues, not a judgment. But if you have some of these other signs and you are beating off 20 to 30 times a week, then you’re a sex addict. It isn’t easy to get help, unless you live in an urban area, you aren’t going to find someone that has any sort of specialization in it.

So many people get all worked up about the sex addict thing. I did all 10 of the things on this list in all of my relationships.

I was often accused by women of being a selfish, lying asshole, or a total freak, and I was both of those things, but no one ever asked me if I might actually have a problem.

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