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In exercising its authority over committees, rules, grants, programs and projects, the Judicial Council must ensure that the AOC provide it with a full range of options and impacts, including fiscal, operational, and other impacts on the courts.SEC Recommendation In exercising its independent and ultimate governance authority over the operations and practices of the AOC, the Judicial Council must demand that the AOC provide it with a business case analysis, including a full range of options and impacts, before undertaking any branchwide project or initiative.The big question that had been baffling and hurting me for so many years was answered. Gamedze: It is, but I don't view it the same way now.It's God's world, after all, and we are His creatures.

And yet there were Jewish people who couldn't care less, it appeared. I couldn't understand why God would play such a trick on me. And I remember what I had heard many years ago from Rabbi Moshe Carlebach, who said that the first time the phrase Baruch Hashem (“Blessed is God”) appears in the Bible is when Jethro -- a convert -- praises God for saving the Jews from the Egyptians.This document provides a cross reference of Strategic Evaluation Committee Recommendation Numbers to Judicial Council Restructuring Directive Numbers.Judicial Council Directive The Administrative Director of the Courts operates subject to the oversight of the Judicial Council." So he arranges for an African prince to come around, to make people take notice and think about things. But it's all about what God wants, not what I want.In August 2012, the Judicial Council adopted recommendations of the Strategic Evaluation Committee regarding the restructuring and realignment of the staff to the Judicial Council.

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