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(When bound together with fiber-like components, bile acids are more readily excreted from our body, and following their excretion, our cells break apart some cholesterol into its component bile acids as a way of replacing the bound bile acids that got excreted.

In this study, lab samples were obtained from eight steamed vegetables.

But a recent study on cruciferous vegetables has taken our understanding of collards and cholesterol to a new level.

In this study, researchers focused on the ability of fiber-like components in vegetables to bind together with bile acids.

This year, they made a stop in the tiny island community of Saint Michael.

"It's hard to image why such bullet-proof evidence was denied for such a long time, and why those so vigorously denying it never did so by meeting the science, but merely by brushing it away.

Intake of collard greens has long been known to have the capacity to lower blood cholesterol levels, including blood levels of LDL cholesterol.In a study on indigenous vegetable intake in the southeastern United States, collard greens were determined to provide the 4th greatest amount of antioxidant capacity related to overall dietary intake among 12 nutrient-rich foods in the study.In these research findings, collard greens ranked 4th behind sweet potato greens, mustard greens, and kale.This isn’t Porg in the passenger seat in the Millennium Falcon.This is one family in Lafayette, California celebrating Christmas like any Star Wars fans would..building a life-sized Millennium Falcon on their roof in honor of the Last Jedi being released.

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