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Sometimes you love people that maybe aren’t the best for your life at that moment, you know? Kelsey came back into being with me when I had a guy &mdsah; and Jay is an ex-boyfriend of mine. So when the show first started and I was starting to date Whitney, I was dating him.AE: On the first episode Kelsey looked surprised to see photos of you and Jay together. I left a girlfriend of mine for a very long time for him and nobody that knows me should be surprised.We were very, very, very close and grew apart and it’s always heartbreaking to see people in your life that you thought were going to be around forever just kind of grow apart.I think there’s a lot of sadness to both of us and we’re just different people now.So it shouldn’t come as much as of a surprise to people but it’s going to.It’s been a really long time since I’ve explored outside of women.

Romi Klinger: Yeah, I’ve definitely dated men and women and if people paid attention to last season, they talked about how I was married once.

By the last episode, Romi and Kelsey had split but she’d abstained from drinking, with one old habit dying hard: Whitney.

On last night’s Season 3 premiere, Romi introduced cameras to her boyfriend, Jay, and we found out she had a falling out with Whitney and Sara.

I think the girls on the show and the girls around me that are pointing the finger and judging because we may have other personal issues and this is an easy target. AE: Is there a chance that you could ever mend your friendships with Whitney and Sara?

RK: It was really heartbreaking to go through that, especially with Sara.

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