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Forty-seven percent of the participants in a Match survey said they would date someone who’s transgender, but 44 percent said they would not.

Perhaps online dating has added to that stigma, by offering singles limited ways to identify themselves.

Sometimes you just want to be a girl, and do your own explaining.” READ MORE: Where are all the bisexual men?

Coming out as LGBTQ: It’s not one moment, but several ‘Can I kiss you?

’ How to make a first move without being a creep or a wimp.

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Zackary Drucker, a trans woman who’s been working with Tinder on this change, hopes that upfront disclosure of a person’s gender lessens the stigma that transgender individuals face while dating.

Users are advised that if they wish to deny the use and saving of cookies from this website on to their computers hard drive they should take necessary steps within their web browsers security settings to block all cookies from this website and its external serving vendors.But they probably hadn’t considered dating a trans person,” Drucker said, who notes that she’s in a relationship now.Tinder’s change opens up that possibility for everybody, Drucker added.“But you might not see everything,” Carbino admits.“Individuals had to educate people about their gender while swiping.” Carbino says this is just the first step for Tinder; the company is going to collect feedback and then adjust accordingly.

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  1. I have never considered myself gay or bisexual; I consider myself 'sexual'. ) that I haven't tried (paedophilia, scat and necrophilia are probably where I draw the line) but I have always been fascinated by sexy transvestites.