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This peninsula on the northeast tip of Hokkaido and facing the Sea of Okhotsk is one of Japan's finest, where marine and terrestrial ecosystems interact dynamically.

So dynamically, in fact, that flora and fauna species including threatened ones, like Blackiston's fish owl and Viola kitamiana, depend on this landscape of untouched nature.

Winter sees ice floes, and the sea is a habitat for marine life like whales, sea lions, and salmon.

Shiretoko Mountains traverse the peninsula, home to deer, native brown bear, and white-tailed sea eagles.

Today, Genabaku Dome is a living testament to humanity's destruction and the need for peace as well as elimination of nuclear arsenals.

Itsukushima Shrine, World Heritage site dating back to the sixty century, is a vermillion-lacquered shrine housing a great torii gate (16 m) of camphor and cedar, several National Treasure structures, and the only Noh stage in Japan to rest upon the sea.

Traditional architecture known as the Gassho style informs the steeply pitched thatch roofs built for heavy snowfall.

Its exterior wall survived because the building received the shock wave from above, a blast that wiped out 90 percent of the city.

Iwami Ginzan was discovered in 1309 and became world famous around the 17th century as the mine with an output of 30% of the planet's silver.

The mine and its environs also features routes used to transport silver ore to the coast and to port towns from where it was shipped to Korea and China, an industry that contributed substantially to the overall economic development of Japan and Southeast Asia.

The ebb and flow of the tides transforms seascape and landscape as well as the shrine itself into a breathtaking vision.

Nara was Japan's capital throughout the eighth century (710-784), a period of sweeping political change-to emerge as a fountainhead of culture and historic art and architecture, including tumuli and Imperial Palace ruins.

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