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She goes to the basement in search of him, but Wilson is nowhere to be found.

She enters a storage room and is disturbed to see a group of moving shop window mannequins that soon surround her and raise their arms to kill her.

She gets the bus to Henrik's, the department store where she works.

In the evening, as the store nears closing time, Rose is about to walk home when she is stopped by a security guard who is holding the lottery winnings for Wilson, the chief electrician.

He peers behind the sofa, and is attacked by the arm.

He throws the piece at her, and hastily rushes out.

Indeed, Rose started a mild story arc surrounding the mystery — from Rose's perspective — about the Doctor's identity.

New audiences would not have known until the series' final episode that the Doctor could regenerate, and wouldn't get their first glimpse of other Doctors until two years later, in Human Nature.

Before the doors can close, one of the Autons reaches for them, but the man quickly pulls its arm off before it can do them any harm. When they arrive at ground level, the man holds up a bomb and tells Rose that he plans to destroy a relay device to stop the Autons.

He offers a quick introduction — he is the Doctor — and tells her to run for her life.

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