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I started to read a lot more than I had already done.

I set up a weekly posting schedule and I started to work more the technical side and on how to get good results on social media and in search engines.

And Bluehost has been kind enough to give all Positivity Blog/Newsletter readers a limited time offer.

Click here to get a 63% discount on your web hosting a free domain name 3. After you have registered your domain name, setup your hosting account and created your website by using the one-click install of Word Press it’s time to find a look for it. There many free ones to choose from in your Word Press control panel.

By doing so you’ll automatically do a better job and you’ll keep creating better and better content over time. No matter if you write, podcast or create videos you want to do it around topics that are important not only to you but to other people too. Doing my best and going the extra mile that many simply won’t has – not every time but quite often – brought me many, many readers over the years. Then in February of 2010 I finally took the advice many had given me and added an email list to my website. Here are the huge benefits I have experienced in the past years from having an email list: So how do you start an email list?

And you won’t get tired or bored and quit so easily before your website takes off. But how do you create content that is more likely to help a lot of people and take off on social media for example? I recommend letting another company manage your email list.

And many new readers will just impatiently click the back button in their browser and go somewhere else online. And it was a few very stressful days before I got it sorted out. How fast your website loads is even an important factor in how high your website will place in Google search results.

Now, since my start back in 2006 I have made many mistakes. Here are 32 of the best tips that I have learned during the past 10 years about just that.

Let me share a few tips that have helped me to get started with that: 15. One of the most common questions I get when I met new people in real life and I tell them about what I do is this one: “Don’t you run out of things to write about?

” Many aspiring bloggers have emailed me about this over the years and shared their worries and difficulties with this.

Karen Lamb About 10 years ago a thought popped up in my head.

I wanted to start a blog to share my own thoughts about the habits I had started to change and about personal development.

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